Advertise on AppHunt

To guard the privacy of subscribers, AppHunt currently only uses text ads with links

Why advertise on AppHunt?

If you want to target an audience of app lovers and Apple users, AppHunt is exactly the right partner for advertisements. AppHunt has around 550 subscribers with a high open rate. It's also inexpensive to advertise on AppHunt (low entry price).

Where and how are my advertisements placed?

Your advertisement will be placed at the end of issues for the amount of issues you've paid for. It'll be in the form of a text ad. Still, ads should not annoy the reader or get into the way of content.

What will the money be used for?

The money will be used to host AppHunt, pay for its domain, and for other expenses.

I have questions or want to advertise

Contact me at [email protected]. I'll try to answer ASAP.