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AppHunt Plus

AppHunt Plus is the paid membership of AppHunt. You can find detailed descriptions, answers, and terms for AppHunt Plus on this page.

You get...

→ 4 instead of 2 issues per month
→ Occasional app deals included
→ Exclusive discounts if available
→ No sponsored links/messages

Subscribe for $2 /month

Why should I subscribe to AppHunt Plus?

By subscribing to AppHunt Plus, you can unlock more issues per month (4 instead of 2), get more app deals, and remove sponsored links or texts. Other than that, AppHunt Plus helps to keep AppHunt running.


Why $2 a month?

I think $2 a month is affordable (50¢ per issue) for everyone and if 5% of the current subscribers upgrade, it would pay for all costs.

Are refunds possible?

No, since the amount is so low.

Are payments secure?

Yes, they're handled by Stripe (a global & trusted payment provider).

When can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime via the account settings menu.

What if my paid membership expires or I cancel?

If your membership expires, you will not have any online access to issues you've received while you were a member.